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This website is the product of amazing content posted by people who care enough to share such content. It is no surprise that links play a big role in this website. In fact, links make up a large chunk of the content of this site. It is also the weak spot of this site.

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I'm sorry to admit that. I'm probably embarrassing myself by saying that, but I just want to be clear with you. I just want to be on the same page with you.

As you can probably tell, the internet is made up of links. When you go to one site, you find that it links to another site. When you click on that link, you go to another site. And so on and so forth.

That's why the whole internet is called the world wide web. It really is a web of different links. When you click on a link, you go from website to website, page to page.

That's how it works.

But there is a chink in the armor here. The weakness is that when somebody fails to register their domain name or they allow their website to die, when you click on that link, you don't go to the content that you're looking for.

In fact, you go nowhere. You get to a 404 Error Page. You get this error page that says "Content not found." This is the problem of this website.

This is exactly why we need your help. As you engage in one conversation after another, you will probably be clicking through a lot of links. We need to know which of these links are dead. This way, we can either edit the original post and replace it with a live URL, or we can archive the thread completely and just mention that the original link has somehow died.

We can't do this ourselves. Although we do use sophisticated software to find dead links, it can only do so much.

Since people are very active on this website and are continuously adding links, it is no surprise that our software simply cannot keep up. While the software does do a good job in taking care of the most obvious link-based missing content errors, it doesn't do quite a good enough job that we don't need to ask for your help.

So if you want a better community and you want a better collection of links to contemporary current event news and views that people can have a genuine conversation over, you need to step up. You need to help us out in reporting bad links.

The good news is that this happens once in a blue moon. This doesn't happen every other link. Still, if you are enjoying the archives and you're checking out some posts and you end up clicking on a link that's dead, it kind of throws you off. It kind of sidetracks you and we don't want that to happen.

So do us all a big favor. You are definitely helping improve the overall quality of this website by reporting such dead links.

Even if a link simply just doesn't load properly, you need to report it. Maybe the formatting is off, or maybe there are certain issues with the theme being used by the WordPress installation of that site, you need to let us know.

Similarly, if you click on a link expecting a certain type of information, only to find it replaced by a completely different information, we need to know because we would probably need to find a more accurate link.

We are confident that with the help of truly loyal and committed community members, we can turn this online forum version into an amazing resource.